Registration, Abstract handling

Handling Abstracts and Proceedings

The announcement and handling of the presentations can be realized as part of the online registration services. This way the abstracts and proceedings may be easily and continuously collected and confirmed, letters may be processed allowing access to both the committee members and the opponents.

Registration Services

Instead of the traditional paper-based registration, the participants may register online for the conference.

The online system enables the participants during the registration

  • to select the applicable participation fee for the conference
  • to reserve trips, cultural programs and indicate their dietary preferences
  • to register the person accompanying them and also make reservations for them for programs or excursions
  • to reserve accommodation in different hotels based on the provided categories
  • to pay with a credit card if they wish to.

Our registration services extend to the receipt of the applications, the handling of the complete financial transaction, invoicing, the preparation of the conference bags and badges, and the preparation of invitations for the trips and cultural programs and their distribution along with the whole administration and registration on-site.

Naturally, we undertake to maintain correspondence with the participants, we answer their questions; we handle their concerns in relation to the conference, primarily through email.