Continuously following the possible tenders for local and national organisations, associations. We do have several years of experience in preparing complete bids for events. We take it as a challenge to win bids for International conferences to organise them in Hungary.


We gladly prepare presentations in different format (Power Point, Prezi or video), if needed we are happy to present them as well.

All the facilities of the certain venu can be presented to you by us personally during a site inspection, which we gladly organise for you. To facilitate the decision making process, we consult and coordinate with the local representatives, to gain experience from first hand.


Handling Abstracts and Proceedings

The announcement and handling of the presentations can be realized as part of the online registration services. This way the abstracts and proceedings may be easily and continuously collected and confirmed, letters may be processed allowing access to both the committee members and the opponents.

Registration Services

Instead of the traditional paper-based registration, the participants may register online for the conference.

The online system enables the participants during the registration

  • to select the applicable participation fee for the conference
  • to reserve trips, cultural programs and indicate their dietary preferences
  • to register the person accompanying them and also make reservations for them for programs or excursions
  • to reserve accommodation in different hotels based on the provided categories
  • to pay with a credit card if they wish to.

Our registration services extend to the receipt of the applications, the handling of the complete financial transaction, invoicing, the preparation of the conference bags and badges, and the preparation of invitations for the trips and cultural programs and their distribution along with the whole administration and registration on-site.

Naturally, we undertake to maintain correspondence with the participants, we answer their questions; we handle their concerns in relation to the conference, primarily through email.



We are capable of catering to every transport need of the participants either by bus or by car, such as:

  • transfer between the airport – venue – airport,
  • transfer between the locations (if the conference takes place at more than one locations)
  • transfer between the hotels or to the hotel in case of a cultural program

Cultural Programs

We organize programs, individually catered to the needs of the client and the type of the event/conference, for the participants and the people accompanying them both in Budapest and in the countryside.
Our clients may chose from a wide variety of program opportunities from the traditional sightseeing and wine tasting all the way to the special adventure programs.

During the preparation and organization of the communal programs we take our client’s needs into consideration and we aim to use innovative ideas at special locations so that the participants leave with an unforgettable experience. The internal design, the decoration and implementation, the light and sound technology, the cultural, musical and entertaining acts as well as the food and drink areas are all formed according to the event’s/program’s characteristics.


Hotel Services

Depending on the season, we offer a wide range of accommodation options for the participants for a realistic price from the luxury to the more cost-effective solutions. More specifically we provide the following services:

  • group reservations for accommodation
  • correspondence and confirmation towards the participants
  • satisfying individual requests and needs possibly to perfection
  • collecting deposits for the accommodation and their registration
  • sending rooming lists to the hotels


Material Printing / Mailing

We are willing to form the design of the conference in terms of both the published documents and the website on the Internet. We provide high quality publishing products (circular letters, posters, programs, abstract booklets, proceedings, tickets, invitations, CD) at a reasonable price and we also undertake to mail the packages to the participants according to the mailing list provided for us.


Compiling Sponsor Packages

Together with our client we identify the range of supporters based on a list provided to us and our own relationships. We put together sponsor packages taking into consideration the needs of supporters and we also inform the supporters – during a meeting – about the event and the opportunities to appear. Following the negotiations, we undertake to conduct the operative steps of the contracting period with our sponsors/exhibitors, to compile, handle and confirm registration forms for exhibitors, to realize individual needs.

  • constant correspondence and information exchange with our sponsors
  • preparation and distribution of information materials, fliers, catalogs, ground-plans
  • registration and coordination of incoming requests
  • satisfying the exhibitors’ needs regarding space, furniture, carpets, energy and anything else, even with the inclusion of subcontractors.


Since congresses and conferences nowadays are often accompanied by exhibitions and product introductions, we are prepared for the necessary arrangements.

We undertake to keep in constant contact with the exhibitors, along with the preparation of information materials, fliers and catalogs. Based on the individual needs and our knowledge of the location’s specificity, we take it upon ourselves to prepare the division of exhibition places and we also proved the technical equipment. We reliably undertake to process all financial details of the exhibition.


Financial Management

Based on our consultation with the client, we prepare a realistic budget. We handle the incoming sums and we constantly keep our client up-to-date with the changes of the financial situation.
During the whole organization, we provide advice and ideas to efficient cost management in order to achieve a beneficial balance at the end of the event. Our services furthermore are:

  • administering bank accounts
  • prefinancing costs, if the necessary funds are not available
  • processing payments towards carriers and subcontractors
  • handling participation and other fees, accommodation costs, fees of exhibitors and sponsors
  • invoicing participants
  • processing and accounting for institutional sponsorships (EU, governmental and other resources, etc.)
  • preparation and evaluation of the final accounting towards the organizational committee and other bodies